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Interior design coaching & interior design projects

Interior designer, I have already practiced my profession by renovating two guest houses. I can support you in your decoration projects:

- you like an object in the shop, but you are not sure, I will come to your place to imagine its integration

-you buy a house and you want a global approach to your decor, I take care of offering you several leads with different suppliers

- you want to renovate a bedroom, a living room, an office, I offer you 3D plans

- you need a global vision, a balance sheet and ways to change your interior, I can offer you reliable and professional local craftsmen.

- You open a restaurant or reorganize offices, I can study plans to optimize the layout, the reception of employees and customers or offer you decorative or design furniture.


I am listening to you: first meeting € 80, free for signing a contract.

Example of pricing:

Coaching rate = from 80 € / hour.

Global decoration project price = On estimate.

For example for 1 bedroom  : several 2D plans with measurements: 120 € / piece  

3D realization:  250 € pc.

Rate  trend boards & shopping list = 150 € / pieces.

Entire house on estimate

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